With fans numbering in the millions, Walter Wangerin, Jr. is widely recognized as one of today’s most gifted writers on issues of faith and spirituality.  Beginning with the renowned Book of the Dun Cow, Wangerin’s writing career has encompassed almost every genre: fiction, essay, spirituality, children’s stories, and biblical exposition.

Wangerin has won the National Book Award, the New York Times Best Children’s Book of the Year Award, and several Gold Medallion Awards, including best fiction awards for both The Book of God and Paul: A Novel.  Wangerin’s most recent work, Wounds Are Where Light Enters: Stories of God’s Intrusive Grace was released in 2017.  Wounds Are Where Light Enters will lead you on a literary journey through poignant stories that show how God’s light comes into our darkness, shining through our wounds and healing our soul.  Stories of grace in pain, strength in weakness, and beauty in the lonely moments.  All the places where the light gets in.

Wangerin was speaker for the Lutheran Vespers radio program from 1994 through January 2005, and prior to joining Valparaiso’s faculty he served as an inner-city pastor in Evansville, Indiana for 16 years.  The author of more than forty books, Wangerin passed away in August of 2021.